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Sell Car Online for FREE is an ad-free listing platform to buy and sell collectible & enthusiast vehicles

If you are a private seller or specialist dealership looking to sell your collectible & enthusiast vehicle, register on Rarecars to post your free ad, and let our team of automotive professionals do the rest for you!

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Common FAQ

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How much does it cost to run an ad on Rarecars?

Listing your vehicle on Rarecars is free

How do I list cars?

After registering on our site, you will see the "Add Vehicle" button in the "My Account" section. In this section, you will fill in the information about your cars. Then your car will be accepted by our team within 4-5 hours.

What years and types of cars do you accept? is the place to sell rare and collectible cars. Your car will be checked by our team and cars that meet this standard will be added to our site

How long does Rarecars take to verify the listing?

After registering on, you can place your car on our website, your car will be checked by our team and published within 4-5 hours

How long does my ad stay on Rarecars?

Your car will remain on our website for 30 days after it is published

Can you assist with shipping my vehicle?

At, you can get a best-rate shipping quote in advance that will fit your budget. We work with MONTWAY transport company for the best experience we can offer.

How is different from other sites? stands out by specializing in rare and unique vehicles, curating its inventory, offering expertise, fostering a community, and providing specialized services. Unlike general automotive marketplaces, it caters exclusively to enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring a focused and knowledgeable platform for buyers and sellers of exceptional cars.

Can I list my own rare car for sale on

Absolutely, we welcome private sellers and dealers to list their rare cars on our platform. Our team can assist you in the process.